Thermoforming Molds: Negative Draft

Negative draft in Thermoforming molds.

It seems that in life things are rarely easy. That holds true in the thermoforming world as well. A common problem amongst parts in thermoforming is that of the “negative draft”. In essence, it’s a part with an undercut or a hook, of sorts, that prevents the mold from being pulled in the typical manner.

One of a few ways to handle this at the mold making level is to utilize a two-piece “splash”, or negative. We position the parting line precisely where the negative draft area would cause us the most problem, and split the halves accordingly once the mold has been completed.

Not sure how to visualize that? No worries – we put together a thermoforming mold video to make it easy!

Thermoforming mold video | Negative draft


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