Thermoforming mold trim fixtures / check fixtures.

Save time and money on fixtures

As the saying goes, there are a dozen ways to skin a cat. The saying holds true when it comes to thermoforming mold fixtures. From trim fixtures, to check fixtures, to holding fixtures, and glue fixtures. Everybody does it differently. If a thick, heavy fixture is required – especially when future revisions might require cutting into it – the old standby has been to CNC cut it directly from Renboard, Pine, foam, or other similar material. While suitable to the task at hand, this can result in a heavy, expensive fixture with leads times that are dependent on machine schedule.

Ceramic Thermoforming Fixtures

Enter Ceramic. Similar to the process that we use to create a thermoforming mold, our Ceramic fixtures offer an alternative, lightweight, yet structurally sound an true alternative to CNC fixtures – and can be delivered within days of receiving your untrimmed plastic part. Curious about the process? We thought so. Take a look at the video below:


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